Windfree 2.0e

Keep it comfortable.

  • Total Control
    WindFree™ 2.0e units come with built-in Wi-Fi, allowing users to remotely regulate temperature, adjust settings, receive real-time updates about system performance and energy usage, as well as troubleshoot solutions when a repair is needed. Compatible with SmartThings app† and Bixby 2.0.
  • Seamless Operation
    AI Auto Mode1 monitors indoor temperature, outdoor temperature, set temperature, and operating time to learn the patterns within your home and automatically adjust system operation to maximize comfort.
  • High Performance
    The Digital Inverter compressor’s variable speed control allows the compressor to operate at precisely the speed needed to maintain the set temperature without turning the system on and off.
  • Improved Serviceability
    The new indoor unit design incorporates more interlocking components in place of threaded fasteners to reduce the time and effort it takes to install and service a system. Access piping and wiring connections with ease at the bottom of the unit.
  • Reusable Filter
    The filter is located on the top of the unit, making it easy to remove, clean, and put back.
  • Reduced Power Consumption
    Single user mode uses less compressor capacity to reduce power consumption when users are home alone.
  • Dual Set Point (DSP) Function
    DSP function allows users to specify separate heating mode and cooling mode set temperatures (set points). (enabled by default; requires MWR-WG00UN wired controller)
  • Simple Float Switch Connection
    WindFree™* 2.0e units come with a factory-installed wire harness for simple connection to third party overflow detection devices for unit shutdown with a dedicated error code. This can also be used for simple unit ON/OFF using any dry connection.

Free Joint Multi

Multiple choice.

Samsung FJM Outdoor

Ultimate Zoning Solution

The Free Joint Multi (FJM) system allows you to set the temperature of individual rooms/zones to avoid conditioning rooms that are not being used to reduce power consumption.

Flexible Installation

This versatile system provides additional flexibility when installing a system that requires more than one zone of comfort, without adding parts, installation, and added costs of several outdoor units.

Quiet Operation

Each model uses a twin BLDC compressor for high performance, and low noise and vibration.

FJM Combination

Quantum 2.0

Go ductless and go home.

Samsung Indoor Unit