Step 1: Registration

To register your online ordering account, head to My Account page from the menu. You will need to fill in your email address and a password.

We strongly recommend using a password longer than 12 letters, with upper and lower alphabetical characters, as well as symbols and numbers.

Step 2: Access Store

To access our online store, you can either enter from the top menu or the portal on the front page.

Step 3: Searching for your product.

Search bar is available on the right.

You can search with item name, dimension, and item code. If the item you are looking for does not immediately show up, you can either ask for full search result, or narrow your field by accessing categories in the search result window.

Step 4: Navigating product categories.

You can navigate different categories from the category menu on the bottom right. You can go back to previous main or subcategory from the navigation bar on the top right.

You can access products from the item list, or directly add them to the cart by using the cart icon. You can also access cart or checkout directly from the menu on the right.

Step 5: Item page.

In the item page, you can adjust quantity added to cart. If you are interested in purchasing bundle quantities, please refer to the item description on the top. Some of our promotions are only available for bundle purchase. Please refer to our promotion newsletter and news page for details.

On the bottom you can easily access related items in the same category.

You can access cart and checkout page from the menu on the right. We highly recommend going to your cart to confirm quantity before checking out.

Step 6: Cart.

In the cart page, you will see all the items you have ordered. You can adjust quantity before proceeding to checkout area.

Step 7: Checkout.

This is the final step before your order is placed. If you have a coupon code, you can use it here. This platform is for ordering only. Your payment will be processed during pick up at store locations, and priced according to your account status.

Please fill in your company name, phone number and email address. Also, please write down your pick up day, store and time so we can prepare your order. We will not be able to process orders without scheduled pick up time or location with best efficiency. You can also write down items you are interested in, but could not be found on our website; our staff will contact you if the item is available in store.

Please note to check the box above the customer information area to acknowledge our online ordering policy. All gas and refrigeration related items will require gas and/or ODP license. Orders that are not picked up 2 days after scheduled date will be automatically cancelled.