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Purchase Honeywell Products and Earn Resideo Pro PERKS Loyalty Points

Spend points on:

  1. Co-Op marketing material and resources
  2. Free Honeywell residential products
  3. Luxury items

Registration is a 2-step process.  

Step 1 – go to and create your Resideo portal account.  

  • If you get a message saying you’ve already registered, then click the “forgot password” to change it.  

Step 2 – sign in with your Pro Resideo Account, and click the “Enroll” button; then complete and submit the form.

  • Make sure you use the same email you used for Step 1 and add your CPRO # in as the Master Account #. If you are a new partner, please use 0.

You will receive a Welcome email within 24/48hrs then you’re all set to start redeeming your benefits. 

Provide us with your Pro PERKS Loyalty Number at time of purchase to make sure you receive your benefits.

*Points may take up to 30 days or more to be registered.

If you have questions about the Resideo Pro Account registration process, please contact [email protected].

Submit your Pro PERKS Loyalty Number below to finish the registration process; and start earning points on Honeywell products purchased from Yorktech Supply Ltd.

*Products purchased without Pro PERKS Loyalty Number will not be registered.

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