Google Nest Mini

Bigger sound. Huge help.

Turn it up.

You favorite music sounds bigger and richer on Nest Mini, with more power and bass.

Music subscriptions may be required.

Stream music with your voice.

You can play music from Spotify, YouTube Music, Pandora, and more.[1] Tell Google the song, artist, album, or genre you want to hear. Or stream to Nest Mini from your phone.[2]

[1] Music subscriptions may be required.

[2] Android phone or Chromecast-enabled apps on iOS required.

Always ready to help.

Talk to Google to hear the weather, news, or almost anything. Set timers and alarms, make calls, and more.[1]

[1] To make calls, Google Duo accounts required for you and call recipient. The calling feature does not support calls to emergency services or premium rate numbers.

Hey Google, good morning.

With Voice Match, get personalized information about your day, like your schedule, commute time, reminders, and more.[1]

[1] Voice Match requires additional setup and enrollment, and supports up to six users. When using Voice Match, keep in mind that a voice similar to yours, or a recording of your voice, could result in Google incorrectly recognizing someone else as you.

Control your home with your voice.

Talk to Google to dim the lights, turn up the heat, or pause the TV.[1] Nest Mini works with thousands of compatible smart devices, like lights, thermostats, or TVs, to make you always comfortable.

[1] Compatible smart devices required.

Talk to the wall.

You can hang Nest Mini right on the wall in your kitchen, bedroom, living room, or entryway.[1] It’s easy to mount, easy to reach, and never gets in the way.

[1] Nearby electrical outlet required.

Peace of mind when you’re away.

When you’re not home, Nest Mini can detect unusual or suspicious sounds like breaking glass or smoke alarms, and send you an alert.[1]

[1] Nest Aware subscription required.

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