Amaircare AWW350 Whole Home HEPA Air Filtration System

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Amaircare central systems operate on a by-pass system. A portion of the home’s return air is routed through the air filtration system before it reaches the furnace or air handling system. This rerouted air is cleaned and fed back into the home’s air supply via the furnace. Continuous cleaning of the air significantly reduces pollution.

Three-Stage Filtration

Stage 1: Prefilter
Removes Large Dust Particles – Disposable.
Stage 2: HEPA Filter
99.97% efficient @ 0.3 microns. Removes dust, pollen, bacteria, dander, attached viruses, cigarette smoke, radon daughters, and more.
Stage 3: Inner Carbon V.O.C. Blanket Removes gas molecules, including V.O.C.’s that could be hazardous.

Easy-to-Change Filters
Easily removable for quick filter changes. Ask about filter options.
Metal Cabinets
Provide greater protection of filters and internal components and do not emit toxins.
Highly-Efficient Motor/Fan
Low electrical consumption when continuously run over a long period of time.

• Central HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) 100% Sealed Air Cleaning Device
• C.S.A. approved

DIMENSIONS: 14.375”W x 27″H x 14.375”L
WEIGHT: 33 lbs
AIR FLOW (C.F.M.): 350 CFM
POWER USAGE: 125 Watts
FINISH: Powder coated baked enamel
COLOR(S): Meteorite
SERVICE AREA: 2,625 sq ft (1 ACH per Hour)
SUPPLY: 120 VAC/1 phase/60 HZ Grounded
CONTROL: OFF/ON Control Panel