SGL Glass Series Radiant Heater

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Model Number: SGL35-N7 
Gas Type: Natural Gas
Input BTU/HR: 35,000 – 24,000
Mounting Height Horizontal/Angle: 8 – 1 ft / 8 – 11 ft
Space Between Horizontal/Angle: 8 – 16 ft / 6 – 14 ft
Burner Pressure: 6.0″ W.C.

Designed with high-temperature tinted glass, SunStar GLASS is wind resistant up to 40MPH. Factory shipped as a two-stage control heater and can be used with an optional 3 position switch for ultimate comfort. Operate at first stage (24,000 Btu/hr) during milder days and operating at full power (35,000 Btu/hr) on colder days. Also, it can be operated at full power (35,000 Btu/hr) as a single-stage heater by a simple factory-supplied jumper wire.

  • Outdoor rated.
  • Can be mounted from a horizontal position to 60°.
  • Two-stage (high / low) models.
  • Available for natural gas and LPG.
  • Chain suspension or wall-mounted.
  • Aesthetically designed with a glass front to blend with nearly any decor.
  • CSA Design Certified -Z83.19 & Z83.26
  • 3 year limited warranty on the burner assembly.
  • 1-year limited warranty on controls.

Features and Applications

  • Designed for restaurants, residential patios, and other hospitality service industries, SunStar GLASS is wind resistant up to 40MPH.
  • High temperature tinted glass provides additional protection on windy days and enhances the heater’s aesthetic appeal.
  • The SunStar GLASS radiant patio heater is ideal for outdoor or partially covered dining areas, bars, patios, verandas, smoking areas, vestibules, and other outdoor areas.
  • Clearances above can be as low as 10” with an optional heat shield
  • Covers 12’ by 12’ area with minimal wind conditions.